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Help For You Is Only One Phone Call Away.

Licensed in Oregon & Washington
We will work with you in ANY state
in the United States! Journeys is Adoption.

Journeys Is Adoption!

Infant adoption in Oregon, Infant Adoption in Washington, as well as up to toddler age adoption too! Journeys is the Domestic Adoption agency. From Seattle to Portland, Medford to Bellingham, Astoria to Poulsbo to Spokane and all points in-between we are your child adoption agency! Since 1993 Birthmothers have picked Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services. If you are Pregnant And Want To Make An Adoption Plan Then Contact Us Now! 1-800-876-0575


At Journeys of the Heart we answer our email, 365 days a year. Leap year? 366. 
The 24 hour phone for Birthmothers is 1-800-876-0575